CR3 Board.png

CR3 Swing Gate Control


L5000i Swing Gate


SL 200 DC Board.png

SL 2000 DC Sliding Gate Control

AC 3001.png

AC 3001 Sliding Gate Control


Arm Stopper

DC Motor DC1000.png

DC Motor DC1000

Cam lock.png

Cam Lock

Small Copper Gear.png

Small Copper Gear

Soloneoid Coil.png

Solenoid Coil

DC Motor DC10.png

DC Motor DC10

DC Motor DC2000.png

DC Motor DC2000

Nylon Gear Big Spur Pinion Gear.png

Nylon Gear Big Spur Pinion Gear

Small Metal Pinion Gear.png

Small Metal Pinion Gear
(OAE Sliding)

Soloneoid Rubber Stopper.png

Solenoid Rubber Stopper

DC Motor DC20.png

DC Motor DC20
(Big Shaft)

Limit Switch.png

Limit Switch

Gear Nylon Gear.png

Gear Nylon Gear

Big Metal Pinion Gear.png

Big Metal Pinion Gear

Transformer 0 9 18v.png

Transformer 0 9 18v

Transformer 0 12 24v.png

Transformer 0 12 24v


12v 7AH Battery

capacitor 16uF.png

Capacitor 16uF

Push Button 1 Gang.png

Push Button 1 Gang

Push Button 2 Gang.png

Push Button 2 Gang

OAE Bracket (Door Side).png

OAE Bracket

(Door Side)

Xtreme Triangle Bracket.png

Xtreme Triangle Bracket

OAE Triangle Bracket.png

OAE Triangle Bracket

Remote Control 330 DIP Switch Set.png

Remote Control 330 DIP Switch Set

Remote Control 330 DIP Switch Set.png

Remote Control 437 DIP Switch Set


Sliding Gear Rack

Solenoid Lock Set With Stopper.png

Solenoid Lock Set With Stopper

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