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DF product is warranted against defect in materials or workmanship under normal use form the date of purchase. If the products should prove faulty due to manufacture error within the warranty period, the dealer can bring back for warranty claim. Product warranty is a limited warranty which belongs to the original invoice and warranty sticker.

Any product sold by DFSC Solution Sdn Bhd. is intended to be professionally installed. Improper installation is
NOT covered under warranty. Please seek professional assistance if required.

1. The warranty label, serial number is broken or removed.
2. The warranty period is expired.
3. The product is been modified or repaired by any unauthorized service centre or personal.
4. The defect was subject to abuse, improper use not conforming to product manual instructions, or not enviroment conditions more severe than those specified in the manual and specification.
5. The defect such as acts of lightning, vandalism theft, brownouts or burn (damage due to hight voltage disturbances.

Several items only covered warranty period of 3 months, 6 months or no warrantty.

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