• Coaxial transmission and control
  • AHD/TVI/CVI/CVBS selectable 
  • High definition 1080P,20x Zoom
  • Module BT-521AT-MX 20XP

Shortcut Commend List

Shortcut commends are complaince with Pelco D and its Extended protocol. User can use the shortcut commend to enable the function directly.

Download Shortcut Command List


Because the limit of COC protocol, it is possible that some of the shortcut commend are not valid when connected to some the controlled equipment.

If no video or video is stuck in black and white, please make sure the video output of the signal, the TV system (NTSC/PAL) between the PTZ and the controlled the quipment to be consistent, if not, please adjust accordingly.

BT HDA812 1080P

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